Professional Endorsements

“This is a very important video and the technical aspects associated with proper throwing mechanics is superb. Remember that poor mechanics is still the number one reason for youth baseball injuries.’
Dr. James Andrews
Andrews Institute, American Sports Medicine Institute
"There is a lot of really useful information in these videos. Jim Curnal has provided a valuable tool in helping parents and coaches reduce the number of arm injuries suffered by our young athletes. I highly recommend."
Joe Maddon
Manager, Los Angelos Angels
“When it comes to baseball instruction, there are a lot of videos to choose from. But Jim Curnal’s stellar insights on how pitchers can make adjustments to both their physical and mental techniques are truly exceptional.”
Rick Wolff
Long-time sports psychology coach; author of “Secrets of Sports Psychology Revealed’” and prominent radio Sports Talk show host
"These are very sound principles to prevent injury. This may put me out of business, at the very least slow it down. I recommend this video series to all youth baseball leagues, coaches and parents.”
Dr. Koco Eaton
Orthopedic Surgeon, Tampo Bay Rays and Buccaneers.

Performance Endorsements

“Jim Curnal’s video series “The Athletic Pitcher” covers all bases for a young pitcher. Jim’s program promotes arm care, teaches balance and the importance of all the body parts working in tandem for a successful and healthy pitcher. We are very grateful for Jim coming down and providing his expertise. Jim evaluated 20 of our pitchers and all of them have benefited by using his program. Jim’s advice will be passed onto our coaches and pitchers to come.”
Matt Bolger
President, Youth Baseball & Softball League, Spotswood NJ
“As a high school coach of 34 years I’m very impressed with the thoroughness of Jim Curnal’s pitching video series. Coaches, parents and players of all levels can benefit from the videos. The premise of the series is throwing from an athletic position. Each video is extremely instructional, comprehensive and yet very easy to understand. All adjustments are based on playing catch and using drills to cement the changes needed. The best part for a coach or player is how quickly, effective and lasting change can take place. Two pitchers saw mechanical and more importantly command, velocity and movement results in less than a month. I’ve watched well over 40 pitching videos by the so called gurus and this is by far the best series available."
Shaun Ratchford
Head Baseball Coach, Danbury High School, Danbury CT.
“Jim’s experience as a player and coach gives him a great foundation to teach pitchers, but it’s really his smarts that separates him from most. He understands pitching, and he understands the importance of being athletic. Jim’s video series, “The Athletic Pitcher” is a great way to introduce young pitchers of all ages to the art of pitching. In my opinion, his simple approach of “having a catch” enables the athlete to see and feel the motion and mimic the fundamental movements required to develop a fluid athletic throwing motion. From there, as demonstrated in the video series, a coach or parent can tweak things slowly, gently, and casually – moving the player towards a more comfortable and consistent delivery, which is repeatable and healthy."
Kevin Briody
Head Baseball Coach, 19U Senior Legion, Ridgefield, CT
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