Athletic Pitcher Clinics


  • Provide coaches with an understanding and the tools to teach young pitchers how to develop a fluid athletic motion
  • Provide pitchers with instruction and demonstration to enable them to understand the learning process of how to develop a fluid athletic throwing motion
  • Provide pitchers with an understanding of the mental component to pitching
  • Provide pitchers with an understanding of proper bullpens and pre game warm up

Program Components:

​One Hour Coaches Clinic: Q&A Session​
  • Coaches will be asked to view the Athletic pitcher series prior to the clinic, at minimum Segments 1,2, which focus on developing an Athletic throwing motion.
  • Coaches will have the opportunity to ask questions and address all aspects of the video teaching segments. This session serves as “Teach the Teacher.”
Two Hour Pitching Clinic
  • Session will include a step by step overview of the Athletic Pitching motion
  • Each part of the motion will include demonstration and drills
  • Pitchers are active participants as they will begin to incorporate each part of the motion
    • Balance Position
    • Stride
    • Separation
    • Arm Path
    • Rotational Delivery
  • Each part of the motion will include a review including Q&A


  • Addresses overall philosophy and the 5 steps of the throwing motion
  • The benefits of developing a fluid athletic throwing motion
  • The mental component, “Mind Over the Rubber.”
  • The importance and benefits of understanding the “ Learning Process ”
  • Max. 30 pitchers per session. Two sessions per day: 9-12, 1-4:00:
  • Cost: $250 per league, $25 per player
  • All monies go to support the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and Joe Maddon’s Respect 90

Strength/Conditioning Instruction: Dependent upon attendance numbers

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The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation helps to build character and teach critical life lessons to at-risk young people living in America’s most distressed communities.

Respect 90 provides children and families opportunities to develop championship attitudes through sports, academics and community involvement.

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